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Address: Lot21, Bakar Arang Industrial Estate, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-425 8651/ +604-425 8652
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Specialty Carbon Products

Specialty carbon products range from semiconductors, heat treatments, smelting, glass, metallurgy, dentistry, hot pressing, fuel cells, electrolysis, EDM processing, food prepartion, etc.


High Quality carbon and graphite EDM and GR. We even have graphite of particle diameters as small as 1-3 um and we recommend graphite with the exception of super fine-end finished products.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is made from carbon fiber bound material and the chief raw material used is acrylic fiber. Its special characteristics are: light weight, high resilience, high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion, and radio translucency.

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