/// Specialty Carbon Products

/// Specialty Carbon Products

/// Semiconductors

CZ Equipment

High purity graphite for single silicon crystal pulling crucibles and heaters is used. It is also contributing widely to cutting edge industries such as surface treatments and purification treatments as well as the processing of wafer heating susceptors, dummy wafers, and every type of heat treatment parts.

  • Heaters (Optical Fiber)
  • Crucibles
  • Susceptors
  • Dummy Wafers
  • Heating Jigs
  • Plasma CVD Parts

/// Heat Treatment

plate shelves

Carbon is being used for machine part hardening, surface treatment, and every type of heat treatment because it has special characteristics such as heat resistance and low thermal expansion.

  • Plate Shelves
  • Fixed Jigs

/// Smelting


Carbon is also used for agitation propellers in light metal smelters.

  • Agitation Propellers

/// Glass


Carbon is being widely used for smelters, lamp mold processing, and glass (quartz, etc.) processing parts. It is also used for glass bottle molding gob reservoirs.

  • Rollers
  • Gob Reservoirs
  • Crucibles
  • Irons

/// Metallurgy


Carbon is planned to be used for product processing efficiency for molding and is being used for continuous casting of materials such as brass and sintering because of its special characteristics such as heat resistance and thermal conductivity.

  • Sintering
  • Casting
  • Ingot Molding

/// Dentistry


Carbon is also used in smelting crucibles for materials such as palladium.

  • Crucibles

/// Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells

There have already been recorded separator trials for every type of fuel cell. Carbon is advancing in shorter delivery times of cut products for pre mass production trials. It is also being introduced for evaluation equipment.

  • Separator Trials

/// EDM Processing

EDM Processing

Carbon is being used in carrying out plastic and die cast molding carbon electrode production for 3D models provided by customers. It is also being sold as a raw material for users who use it in carbon processing.

  • Carbon Electrodes
  • Ribs
  • Processing Material Sales

/// Food Preparation

Food Preparation

Carbon use has begun in relation to IH heating heat resistant cooking products for its thermal conductivity and far infrared effect. It also has the use of defrosting frozen foods. Carbon works in a wide range of general household products including ovens which can be used for steaming.

  • Rice Cookers
  • Oven Plates
  • Pots
  • Defrosting Plates

Specialty Carbon Products

Specialty carbon products range from semiconductors, heat treatments, smelting, glass, metallurgy, dentistry, hot pressing, fuel cells, electrolysis, EDM processing, food prepartion, etc.


High Quality carbon and graphite EDM and GR. We even have graphite of particle diameters as small as 1-3 um and we recommend graphite with the exception of super fine-end finished products.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is made from carbon fiber bound material and the chief raw material used is acrylic fiber. Its special characteristics are: light weight, high resilience, high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion, and radio translucency.

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