/// About Carbon

/// About Carbon

The chemical symbol for carbon is C. Carbon is the 14th most abundant type of atom on earth, mainly as carbon dioxide in the air and ocean, chiefly as rocks, coal, and petroleum in and on the ground, and it exists in living things in the form of various organic matter. As for the chemical substance itself (mostly things that are just a collection of carbon atoms), it exists in the ground as natural graphite and diamonds.

In the carbon industry, we refer to the chemical substance as "carbon" and then there is man-made graphite and amorphous (shapeless) carbon manufactured from natural graphite and mainly coke. Other products that come from the element carbon are coke, activated carbon/charcoal, carbon black, and recently, carbon fiber.

Carbon is an extremely thermally chemically stable material and has long been used, however, because it has been found to be especially conductive, it has vast applications in various fields. Recently, the demand for carbon has been increasing particularly for use in such fields as semiconductors and electronics.

Specialty Carbon Products

Specialty carbon products range from semiconductors, heat treatments, smelting, glass, metallurgy, dentistry, hot pressing, fuel cells, electrolysis, EDM processing, food prepartion, etc.


High Quality carbon and graphite EDM and GR. We even have graphite of particle diameters as small as 1-3 um and we recommend graphite with the exception of super fine-end finished products.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is made from carbon fiber bound material and the chief raw material used is acrylic fiber. Its special characteristics are: light weight, high resilience, high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion, and radio translucency.

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